The NBA break is over and we are all better now

Holy hell that sucked. It felt like an entire eternity post NBA All-Star Break where the Olympics were apparently still going on and nothing else was. No football, no baseball, slow college basketball week (marquee matchups like Michigan State leading a massacre against Illinois), but it’s all over now. The Association is back, and we … More The NBA break is over and we are all better now

We’re Number One

Let me preface this by first saying I don’t care about hockey nearly as much as I do football, baseball, basketball, golf, hot dog eating contests, basket weaving, competitive knitting, etc. But the US Women’s Hockey team just ripped the Canadian Women’s hearts out and stole Gold at the Olympics. And that gets me hype. … More We’re Number One

Elizabeth Swaney is the Smartest Olympian of All-Time

Some people are pretty pissed about this one. Elizabeth Swaney, the American Free-skier who skied for Venezuela (her mother’s nationality), then swapped to Hungary (where her grandparents were born) to take the easiest path to qualification, snuck into the Olympics while ranked 34th in the world. The International Olympic Committee is widely recognized as one … More Elizabeth Swaney is the Smartest Olympian of All-Time

March Madness Preview

It’s entirely possible that, a month before the NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball Tournament kicks off, this is the most wide open field I have ever seen. Just check out how irrelevant this one-week old selection committee preview already is… All of the projected top seeds with the exception of Virginia have sustained losses since … More March Madness Preview

Revenge of the Mc

Three years ago, the nearly legacy tarnishing witch hunt known as Deflategate began. The Indianapolis Colts, with a certain confidence and swagger, marched into Foxboro for the AFC Championship, and got kicked in the forehead. Punched in the mouth. Robbed of their dignity. Flat-out embarrassed. Final score: Patriots 45, Colts 7. Yeah, I would probably … More Revenge of the Mc

Thanks, Gronk

Rob Gronkowski might retire. It’s interesting, that all these years of me loving the fact that Tom Brady seemingly is going to play forever, that I never even thought of Gronk walking away first. Maybe it’s his behavior, the way he seems to have never gotten older than 16 despite becoming one of the most … More Thanks, Gronk