The Sharp Edges

Shea Norling on sports, movies, and everything in between


I’m Shea Norling, just a kid from a Detroit suburb, and I have thing I want to say about sports, movies, and everything in between. I’m obsessed with writing, and now I have a place of my own to do it.

I was born and raised in Royal Oak, Michigan, and I grew up on baseball. My family had season tickets to the Detroit Tigers, so it was like my second home in the sweltering, humid Michigan summers. That’s where I started to love sports. I used to take a notebook to games, back before the terrorists ruined the things you can and cannot take inside of stadiums, and write whatever thoughts popped into my youthful mind.

At some point in my formative years, I fell in love with the city of Boston. I think it’s because I have phantom memories of visiting my Aunt and Uncle when they lived there, and creating a fantastical idea of what the city was. At the very least, it drove my obsession for Boston sports. Word to the wise: obsession is just passion spelled differently. With that said, I’d like to take the time to preface for you that there will be a lot of writing about the Patriots, the Celtics, and to a lesser extent the Sox. (The Sox get the short end of the stick because, let’s face it, I was raised in Comerica Park.) I’m also going to write about Detroit sports, because my ear is to the ground, and national sports, because I simply cannot get enough.

There will also be stray thoughts about movies, music, television, celebrity gossip (maybe), and whatever else crosses through my brain. The best thing about blogging is that I can’t forget the things I think. I’m doing this for me, I just hope everyone else enjoys it.