Klay Thompson Dropped 52 And Kyrie Cut His Hair

The NBA is the greatest professional sports league in the world. Every single night, something is done that has never been done before. This is evidenced by Klay Thompson breaking his own teammates NBA record for threes in a single game. As if Steph Curry needed anymore motivation, Klay gave it to him. On top of that, the Warriors had a ridiculous 92 points at halftime. The Bulls shouldn’t have been allowed back out of the locker room, if we’re being totally honest. The NBA, or maybe the FBI, should have intervened.

The NBA provides, in my opinion, the greatest degree of entertainment value on a night-by-night basis. Compare what happened in Chicago last night in the NBA, Klay Thompson’s record breaking performance, to what happened in Buffalo in the NFL. On the same night as the Warriors displayed selflessness in allowing Klay Thompson to repeatedly launch three point attempts en route to setting the record; the Patriots and the Bills played possibly the single most boring game of NFL football to ever be broadcast in a primetime slot.

You might say that the NBA is set in stone, the Warriors are an All-Star squad made up of surefire Hall of Famers with a willingness to let their fourth best player fire 24 shots from the perimeter. That would be mostly correct, because if we’re being honest the chances the Celtics, or anyone else, upset the Warriors this June are slim to none. But that doesn’t mean we should simply disregard what is the most fun league in sports.

I have no reason to believe these two things are directly correlated, and it’s probably just coincidence, but the timing does seem kind of convenient that Kyrie Irving would cut his Cool As Hell afro off the same night Klay Thompson dropped 52 points in Chicago. The time for games and “be cool” is over. Enter Fuck You Kyrie.

The Celtics were picked by experts, fans, and myself as the team with the best chance of ending Golden State’s tyrannical reign over the NBA, and they’ll need full-fledged, no-hair Kyrie to do it. It’s honestly an all-time selfless move. Kyrie knew how much cooler the hair made him look, but he’s making a sacrifice for the benefit of the team. That’s what leaders do. They lead.

So while the Warriors are trading 50 point games between their starters, the Celtics are gearing up for a run of their own. Old Kyrie is setting up to take on the Pistons tonight, and Reggie Jackson may need prayers for the flurry he’s about to face.

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