A Letter to Our Listeners

Hey guys. So to be honest, there’s not many of you right now, but there’s a pretty dedicated few. I would, without a doubt, do this podcast and blog even if it were only for myself. It’s fun, it keeps me busy, and it’s always been my dream. We don’t make this show and write these blogs to “make it” or get rich. We do it because we love it. And now one day instead of having nothing but text messages to remember some of our more outrageous debates and hot-to-the-touch takes, we can listen to these and hopefully laugh a little bit.

That being said, we also do this because we think we have something to say, and we think we have a fresh way to say it. A sports talk show is nothing new, but I want ours to feel original, and refreshing. So that’s where I need your help. I open up my DMs (The Goal Line Stand Facebook), my personal Facebook (Shea Norling), twitter @norlingshea or @thegoalinestand, my email shean224@gmail.com and thegoallinestandpodcast@gmail.com. Slide in. If you have a topic idea, or you hear something you love, or you hear something you hate, let me know. Tell me what we can do better, or what we need to do more of, or what we should never do again. Pitch me an idea for a segment. Maybe you want a shot to get your voice out on the internet, we can work with that! Maybe you’re super connected and you can hook me up with an awesome guest, in which case hit me up immediately. It’s an open forum, and I want as much involvement from the listeners as possible.

Sports don’t stop moving. It’s why we love them so much. One day Jimmer Fredette is drilling 40-foot threes for BYU in the NCAA tournament, the next he’s being shipped in a cardboard box to Shanghai. We can’t stop moving either. So let your friends know about us, and let us know about us. It means the world that anyone would listen to two idiots spew gas about sports. So thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you.



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