Is it time to sell the Pistons?

Yes. It is. Please dear God anyone with enough money and half an iota of basketball knowledge or care buy this team. I’m so tired of Tom Gores. He’s not a basketball guy, not even close. Getting Blake Griffin was like winning The Finals for Gores, which is ironic, because neither Griffin or Gores have much of a shot at ever seeing a conference finals. And anyone who either knows a damn or gives a shit about basketball could tell it’s time for ownership to step in and punt Stan van Gundy through the roof of Little Caesar’s Arena. Gores is so asleep at the wheel, you could blindfold him at Opening Day at Comerica Park and convince him it’s a Pistons playoff game.

What owner with a coherent thought to rattle around in an otherwise empty skull would allow a coach/GM/President to trade themselves out of the draft for an aging power forward with declining athleticism, a sketchy injury history, and a contract that rings to the tune of $172 million? SVG clearly made the move to save his job. That probably backfired, considering the Pistons are all but guaranteed to miss the playoffs, having lost 10 of 12 games. Stan might has well have sent the Clippers a stripper in a cake with the gift wrapped lottery pick.

Assuming the Pistons do miss the playoffs, get a lottery pick outside of the top-4 to give the Clippers on a silver platter, and Gores opens his eyes long enough to sign Van Gundy’s termination paperwork, the future isn’t much brighter. If Gores continues to own the team, we’re left at the mercy of whatever shepherd he should choose to lead the flock in Van Gundy’s stead. Talk about the blind leading the blind. The only hope for the Pistons is that Gores sells the team.

Please, Dan Gilbert, read this. I know people who work at Quicken Loans, help me out and show this to Dan. Sell the Cavs. Lebron is halfway out the door already. Kyrie saw the writing on the wall. Kevin Love is depressed. Tyron Lue coaching an AAU team isn’t a good look at all. Come home to Detroit and fix these Pistons. Launch Gores back to his Beverly Hills private equity firm and show Detroit what a basketball owner looks like.

If Gilbert is a Hail Mary, fine. Give me anyone who I can be convinced has actually seen a basketball game before. Or at least someone who knows what organizational structure looks like. How the hell SVG was hired to act as coach, GM, and team president is beyond me. Autonomy doesn’t work in these leagues. Just ask Chip Kelly. I don’t really care who the coach is, or the GM, or the president. I only care that they’re different people. It’s pretty obvious that allowing a coach to make roster changes to save his job is a conflict of interest. I thought this team was headed for super-mediocrity. This is way worse than that.

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