The NBA break is over and we are all better now

Holy hell that sucked. It felt like an entire eternity post NBA All-Star Break where the Olympics were apparently still going on and nothing else was. No football, no baseball, slow college basketball week (marquee matchups like Michigan State leading a massacre against Illinois), but it’s all over now. The Association is back, and we are all better.

First off, thank you to Russel Westbrook for delivering one of the coldest buzzer beaters I’ve ever seen. Check it out:

The net didn’t even move. The Kings were shook. Also thanks to Vince Carter for wanting absolutely no part of over time and doing this:

If you were wondering, yes he did brick the shit out of that. The Kings still tied the game despite Vinsanity’s lapse of basketball IQ, because of their youthful big men working the offensive boards, but it didn’t stop Russ from being Russ, and we all win when that happens.

Elsewhere in the league, Steph Curry did this:

And backed it up with 44 points on 8-11 from three point land. I guess Steve Kerr really meant it when he said they needed the All-Star Break.

It wasn’t all fun and games, the Cavs lost to the Wizards and I’m sure Cleveland is back in full panic this morning. The honeymoon with the new line-up is over, I can’t wait to see how quickly George Hill becomes as hated as Isaiah Thomas.

This NBA season has been the most fun for me in years, between the drama, the super teams, and everything in between. I’m so happy it’s back to save me from sports hell. I don’t ever want to go through 4 days like I just went through. Women’s Hockey was awesome though.

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