We’re Number One

Let me preface this by first saying I don’t care about hockey nearly as much as I do football, baseball, basketball, golf, hot dog eating contests, basket weaving, competitive knitting, etc. But the US Women’s Hockey team just ripped the Canadian Women’s hearts out and stole Gold at the Olympics. And that gets me hype.

The USA is the greatest country in the world. Forget the political unrest, controversial administration, or silly things like the official medal count. We took down the country that invented hockey at their own game. That’s pretty fucking cool.

It was also cool to see Canadian Jocelyne Larocque so disgusted by the color of Olympic medal she received that she literally would not wear it.

Aside from how fantastic it is to be the greatest country on earth, can we all agree that settling the gold medal game with a shootout is the stupidest format ever? These athletes work their asses off to get to the Olympics, one time every four years, and then to get to the gold medal game, to end in a skills challenge. It’s almost as terrible a format as allowing a skier as talented as I am to compete in the halfpipe.

At the end of the day, the US is back on the Gold Standard. It’s okay Canada, you’re still top-10.

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