Elizabeth Swaney is the Smartest Olympian of All-Time

Some people are pretty pissed about this one. Elizabeth Swaney, the American Free-skier who skied for Venezuela (her mother’s nationality), then swapped to Hungary (where her grandparents were born) to take the easiest path to qualification, snuck into the Olympics while ranked 34th in the world.

The International Olympic Committee is widely recognized as one of the most corrupt organizations on the planet, so this Harvard grad scamming the living shit out of their system is hilarious to me. Check out this run to see how incredibly far from the competition she was.

Basically, Swaney came up with a system. The Olympics had a quota of 24 skiers for the Olympic halfpipe, and each country could send 4 max. All Swaney had to do was show up to events and not crash (to avoid finishing in dead last) and she would qualify for Hungary. Honestly, it’s brilliant, and I applaud her. Tell me with a straight face that if you were smart enough to scam the Olympics with sublimely average talent, you wouldn’t take advantage of it. Brains over brawn, baby.

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