Revenge of the Mc

Three years ago, the nearly legacy tarnishing witch hunt known as Deflategate began. The Indianapolis Colts, with a certain confidence and swagger, marched into Foxboro for the AFC Championship, and got kicked in the forehead. Punched in the mouth. Robbed of their dignity. Flat-out embarrassed. Final score: Patriots 45, Colts 7. Yeah, I would probably want to say the other guys cheated too.

Let’s not forget, at the time the foul cry was made, the score was 17-7. Brady had just thrown a pick, and the Colts claimed the ball was not up to the NFL’s stringent regulations. Okay, we’ll look into it, said the refs. And they replaced the footballs. And then Brady torched the Colts to the tune of 28-0 in the second half. Really, we should be thanking the Colts for helping Brady figure out the problem.

So, these past few weeks, when Josh McDaniels was constantly reported to be the next head coach of the Colts, I felt wrong. Betrayed even. You’re going to the team that tried to destroy your legacy? It hurt. But, as McDaniels always does, he had a trick play up his sleeve.

Just hours after being announced the next head coach of the Colts, McDaniels ran the option, and announced he would be staying in New England. The Colts have been left without a head coach, with limited time to find one, and with even more limited options. McDaniels just gave them the biggest middle finger he could have. Revenge sure feels good.

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