Thanks, Gronk

Rob Gronkowski might retire. It’s interesting, that all these years of me loving the fact that Tom Brady seemingly is going to play forever, that I never even thought of Gronk walking away first. Maybe it’s his behavior, the way he seems to have never gotten older than 16 despite becoming one of the most unguardable forces in NFL history. Maybe I just couldn’t fathom that this kid, who is actually going to be a 29-year-old grown ass man, would eventually hang up the bionic arm. Now, however, that I’ve accepted this inevitable truth, I almost hope Gronk does walk away. And I will have nothing to say but thank you.

Let’s look at what Gronk has accomplished just eight pro seasons; two-time Super Bowl Champion, five-time Pro Bowler, Comeback Player of the Year, NFL receiving touchdowns leader in 2011, and FIVE-TIME First Team All-Pro. Tony Gonzales had six of those, in double the seasons. What does Gronk have left to do? Given the arm injuries, the knee injuries, the back surgery, the absolutely brutal concussion in the AFC Championship this year, what does Gronk have left to give?

I could not possibly ask for more from Gronk. In just eight years, he has put together what is a first-ballot Hall of Fame career. He’s the greatest tight end in the history of football. The ultimate mismatch. And it’s time for him to walk away. Thanks, Gronk.

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