TNT Knows Drama; That’s Why they have the NBA

The National Basketball Association is officially the greatest soap opera on television. I thought LaVar Ball was going to be the biggest distraction in the league this year, and holy shit I was WAY off. Kawhi Leonard vs The San Antonio Spurs is the most shocking story I’ve seen develop maybe ever in my fandom of the NBA, and this season of Real Housewives of Cleveland is the most entertaining yet.

Kevin Love had the sniffles during a blowout loss against the Oklahoma City Thunder, so he took himself out of the game, changed his clothes, and went home. During the game. You already know Captain Cleveland (Lebron) had something to say about this, and held a players-only meeting where presumably the entire team accused Love of being a faker.

To pile onto this, Isaiah Thomas, who is fresh off a hip injury and is still unable to even play in back-to-backs, has a lot to say about his new team’s practice habits. Apparently, IT thinks it’s okay to call out a team he JUST started participating with for not practicing the day after a game, and not playing “team defense.” Here’s a tip Isaiah, when you’re statistically the single-worst defensive player in the league, don’t get lippy about defense. Maybe if the Cavs weren’t giving up 122 PPG when you play, I’d feel differently, but they give up 99.5 PPG when you don’t play, and you’re not helping your case here at all.

TNT is loving the fact that their best drama television show is professional basketball. For once, Charles Barkley isn’t the one saying the most unbelievably outrageous shit during a broadcast. In fact, in the single weirdest moment of the entire season, Lebron posted a picture of himself at 18 on Instagram, and congratulated HIMSELF for reaching 30,000 points. Cool achievement, but it’s odd to see Lebron patting himself on the back and holding a glass of wine while Rome is burning down around him.

I know we freak out about the Cavs every year, and I know they’re probably going to the Finals anyway. Right now, though, this is really fun to watch.

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