My name is Shea Norling. For years, my co-creator and co-host Tanner Seltzer and I have dreamed of creating a place where we can talk about sports the way that we want to. Typically, this means arguing.

Tanner is a University of Michigan slappy, I am a reformed Michigan State Spartan. Tanner loves the Detroit Lions, I hit hard from the high ground as a diehard New England Patriots fan. 

We do agree on some things, though. Especially that the way people talk sports isn’t as fun as it could be, and that commentators should be able to say whatever the fuck they want. Love our opinions, or hate them, let us know! We’re on Facebook as The Goal Line Stand, twitter @thegoalinestand, or shoot an email to thegoallinestandpodcast@gmail.com. We’ll respond quickly, or kindly tell you to fuck off, depending on how you treat us.

Welcome to The Goal Line Stand.


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