Kevin Durant is an Asshole

Kevin Durant just made another soundbite responding to Clint Capela… Capela, after the Rockets beat the Warriors, said “We’re better than them.” While I don’t really agree with Capela coming sideways at the NBA’s reigning champs, and I’d prefer he let his game do the talking, it doesn’t warrant what Kevin Durant said back.

“You hear that from guys like Capela, who’s usually catching the ball or laying it up from CP or [Harden]. His job is not as hard.” said the snake. Hey, Kevin, why don’t you shut your mouth about the difficulty of other guys jobs. Durant has literally the easiest job in the NBA, seeing as he couldn’t win without guys like Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and two-time league MVP Steph Curry. He could’ve had a hard job, if he stayed in OKC with Russ, but he took the easy path, and now he wants to come at other guys for being confident? I hope to all that is holy that the Rockets topple the Golden State dynasty early come the playoffs, and I hope Capela averages 20 and rebounds 20 a night, and spits in KD’s snake eyes when it’s over. You’re an asshole, Kevin.

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